from the soul studio 



A native of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, she paints from a small home studio.

 Embracing her own techniques and eclectic style, she aims to paint outside the box.

Inspiration comes from all around, a look through her garden, a walk with her dog or a

drive in the country. Taking countless reference photos to find that one perfect moment,

she tries to capture on paper the beauty of colours and landscapes.

Although primarily a watercolor artist, there is now a place in her studio for a series of

acrylic paintings.

She shares her life, her love of painting and studio with her husband, a dog named Dakota and a two cats, Harley & Phoenix.

ARTIST COORDINATOR                             The Artists' Workshop, Ottawa                                        2016 - 2018

SOLO & GROUP SHOWS                          The Artists' Workshop, Ottawa                                        2016 - 2018

NEW EDINBURGH STUDIO TOUR        Ottawa, Ontario                                                                2017 & 2018

SOLO SHOW                                                 Aries CafĂ©, Wakefield Quebec                                         2014 & 2015

WATERCOLOR WORKSHOP                    Cumberland Heritage Museum, Ontario                        2011

GROUP SHOWS                                           Coloris sur la Bais Art Show, Rockland Ontario            2006 & 2007

                                                                           Navan Art Show,  Ontario                                                2006 


International Contemporary Artists   2014

  Watercolor classes  available                                   Contact the artist for more information

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